Surrogacy Requirements

By becoming a surrogate, you can give hopeful intended parents the gift of having a child.

We want to facilitate that magical experience. Because surrogacy is a physically, emotionally and time intensive process, we have qualifications for surrogacy that our prospective gestational carriers must meet. Why? because surrogacy is a complicated assisted reproduction method that is not always the right path for someone, but if you qualify we want to coordinate a seamless, happy journey for everyone involved.

Must enjoy being pregnant

This is definitely one of the biggest requirements!

In most cases, travel may be required. (expenses will be covered for you)

The clinic your Intended Parents go through will dictate where your embryo transfer will happen. Your monitoring will be close to home.

Between the ages of 21-45 with a Body Mass Index under 32*

*certain clinics may be flexible

Must have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy

You must also have at least one child you are currently raising.

Must be a non-smoker and drug free

We only accept carriers who live a tobacco and drug-free lifestyle.

US citizens only (we cannot work with women from Michigan or Louisiana)

Certain states have laws against surrogacy.

Criminal free background for you and your spouse if applicable*

*If by chance you are curious about something in your background, being upfront and honest with your intake coordinator is super helpful. People make past mistakes, so chat with us if you have anything to disclose.

No anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication use in the last six months* with the ability to pass psychological evaluation

*certain clinics may be flexible

Must not be on any form of government financial assistance and financially stable*

*Once again, honesty is best policy. Chat with your intake coordinator in case this applies as certain situations & programs are acceptable.

Every personality and situation is unique. If you have questions about requirements, do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to answer your questions & see if this journey is right for you.

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