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Gestational surrogacy

Welcome to United Surrogacy Agency. Thank you for considering becoming a gestational carrier. If you have children of your own, you know what a treasure it is to be a parent. For some, using a gestational carrier, or surrogate as most people call it, is the only pathway to parenthood.

Surrogacy is a wonderful experience, but can also be complex to both the intended parents and the surrogate. We want to offer assistance if you have thought about this for a while or are just starting out. At United Surrogacy, we promise to walk you through this process so you feel informed, educated, and empowered. Your gift of bringing life into the world for another family is selfless and rewarding. Just as much as it is for our gestational carriers, it is also life changing for us at United Surrogacy. We at United Surrogacy understand the delicate topics that may arise, as well as the extreme joy all parties experience. We are committed to making this experience safe and rewarding for everyone.

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