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We Provide Support With:

Pre-Screening of Carriers

We pre-screen potential carriers through initial psychological evaluation, medical records review, criminal background check, and carrier preferences.

Match based on wants and needs

We tailor your perfect match based on your wants and needs.

Facilitation of Agreement

We provide the facilitation of agreement of terms with chosen match.

Legal Representation Support

We help set up individual chosen legal representation for both parties.

Coordination of Screening

We can help coordinate the screening process of the surrogate/gestational carrier.

Arrangement of Travel

We can help arrange travel as needed (i.e. medical screening, transfer, etc.)

Insurance & Policy Arrangements

We assist with arranging insurance options and policies through ArtRisk.

Surrogate Appointment Support

We can assist your carrier through all required medical appointments.

Contact Arrangements

Arrange contact if needed through video conference and other means of communication.

Arrangement of Care

We can help to arrange OB care and delivery options if assistance is needed.

This is a small summary of what we offer. Please contact us with questions or for more details.

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