Our Signature Process
for Surrogates

Give Us A Call

If you are reading this, congratulations!- You made it through this first step. Contact us to start the process! (Please make "contact us" hoverable to pull up Chrissie's Phone number and email)

Meet Up With Our Team

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Education & Awareness

United would like to answer all of your questions & concerns. We welcome your partner in this too! We are here to help you every step of the way. You are never alone.


The Team at United Surrogacy uses their excellent skills to match you with your ideal Intended Parents. You will have a chance to chat with them and see if you fit like the perfect puzzle piece.

Medical & Legal

After matching, you will move onto Medical Clearance at the IP's RE Clinic. After being medically cleared, both parties have legal representation creating & signing contracts.

Transfer & Grow Baby

After all clearance, it's time to start medications and transfer a sweet baby. From there you will grow, not only a baby, but a relationship with His or Her parent(s)! This is truly the most exciting part!

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