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United Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency that provides support to both intended parents and surrogates from the very first contact through birth and beyond.  We work with all intended parents regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

3x Surrogate

I am passionate about helping families complete their desire for children. Through my personal experience, hours of research & networking with mentors, I advocate and provide support to numerous local carriers via social media and face to face meet ups. I am dedicated to promoting ethical standards for surrogacy. I am the first point of contact for Intended Parents and a magical matchmaker to find their perfect surrogate!

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Chief Operations Officer

I work with Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers to coordinate with clinics, hospitals, escrow and legal professionals to keep the process moving smoothly throughout the entire journey.

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Gestational Carrier Intake Coordinator
3x Surrogate

As a Gestational Carrier's first point of contact in this journey, I promise to support & guide with love, compassion, and the highest ethics. This is truly my dream and I am honored to help build families. I get the pleasure of meeting, screening, and guiding new and experienced carriers through the vetting process and get you ready for matching. Passing you along to the next adventure is truly exciting for me!

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