2023 Compensation & fees
for surrogates

$42,000-50,000 for 1st Time Surrogates

$55,000+ for Experienced Surrogates

We help design your compensation packages based on your unique situation.

Medical Clearance/Transfer Trip (if applicable)

Food Allowance When Traveling: $50 per person per day
Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Roundtrip Travel: 65 cents/mile
Childcare: $100/ day for overnight care
Lost Wages: Based on actual wages
Airfare, Hotel, and ground transportation: Actual cost

Medication Start Fee

Medication Start Fee is $500

Embryo Transfer Fee

Embryo Transfer Fee is $1,000 per embryo transfer


Allowances are $200 per month

Maternity Clothing Fee

Singleton pregnancy: $500
Twin pregnancy (additional): $750

Additional Allowances

$200 per month, your choice*
After 28 weeks, surrogate will receive additional monthly allowances to cover their choice of housekeeping, chiropractic care, massage, and/or additional childcare.

Lost Wages

Actual lost earnings during periods specified in Gestational Carrier Contract (if applicable)
Spouse’s actual lost earnings (if applicable)

Legal Expenses

Legal fees for gestational carrier

Legal Expenses

All medical expenses directly related to the pregnancy and IVF treatment
All medical expenses for newborn
Health insurance coverage

Life Insurance

Policy procured for period after positive beta through delivery

Additional Compensation

Multiples Fee: $5,000 (per additional fetus)
C-Section: $3,000
Bedrest: $300 per week
Selective Reduction/Termination: $1,500
Cancelled Cycle: $500
Mock Cycle (if applicable): $500
Loss of Reproductive Organs: $1,500 per tube/ovary, $5,000 loss of uterus
Breast Milk (if desired by Intentional Parents): $250 per week up to 2 weeks post partum, then $1 per oz. per week (max $300 per week)
Breast Milk Supplies/Shipping Costs: Actual Cost
Psychological Counseling/Support (during pregnancy & post birth): Actual cost if needed

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