intended parents

Welcome to United Surrogacy Agency. At United Surrogacy, we strive to find the balance between keeping surrogacy affordable for intended parents while making sure our surrogates are women with good character, hearts, and intentions.  This is why it is important to us to keep our agency fees low while offering a better compensation package for women that choose United Surrogacy.

When you choose to use United Surrogacy for your journey, you will be presented with women who have be psychologically screened already along with having medical records reviewed to make sure all are great candidates for this process. (Note: Final approval on the use of a surrogate for your situation will be made by your chosen Reproductive Endocrinologist.) Just as much as it is for our Intended Parents, it is also life changing for us at United Surrogacy. We at United Surrogacy understand the delicate topics that may arise, as well as the extreme joy all parties experience. We are committed to making this experience safe and rewarding for everyone.

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